Your customer’s journey after COVID-19

COVID-19 disrupted nearly every aspect of American life, including how customers interact with your business. The road from discovery to purchase is filled with nuances that didn’t exist before the pandemic. Let’s walk through the main stops on the customer journey and look at which shifts might be permanent.

Opportunity is the point when your potential customer has a need you could help with.

COVID-19 effect:

The pandemic changed our habits and triggered new wants and needs that may continue into the future.


of consumers tried new shopping behaviors during the crisis.1

Ask yourself
How has the value you can offer customers changed, and what can you offer in the future?

Discovery is when someone learns about your business for the first time. It’s important to clearly demonstrate how what you do can help them.

COVID-19 effect:

More discovery is happening online, and people may be more open to trying more products or services.


of customers tried a new brand during social distancing.2

Ask yourself
Does your marketing encourage more people to try out your business whether they find you in person or online?

Consideration is when a customer has learned about a product or service and is thinking about making a purchase.

COVID-19 effect:

Customers may be more conscious of safety and price going forward.


of Americans said they spent less money during the pandemic; it may be harder to close a sale.3

Ask yourself
Have you explained the safety precautions you’re taking to protect customers?

Buy is the point in the journey when your potential customer becomes an actual customer.

COVID-19 effect:

Touch-free purchasing can help your customers feel more at ease.

Customer preference for contactless payments is up


Ask yourself
Are you thinking beyond checkout to make sure your digital customer service is seamless, too?

Experience refers to how a customer feels about their interaction with you. A good experience can build a bond between you and the customer and may even turn them into an advocate.

COVID-19 effect:

After a year of social distancing, customers may look for businesses they can connect with; engagement may be a priority.

During the Great Recession, companies with highly rated customer service saw


higher returns.5

Ask yourself
Can you create a system so customers can easily share feedback with you?

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