How the COVID-19 crisis is affecting your customers

Americans are reacting to COVID-19 in a variety of ways, which can make it challenging for business owners to respond and plan ahead. We’ve compiled research and data to help you start thinking about whether you need to adapt your business, and how.

What they’re thinking:

Your customers are focusing on COVID-19. A lot.

9 in 10

Americans are following
COVID-19 news
coverage, but…1

7 in 10

…say they need to
take breaks. Many say it’s
emotionally draining.2


of people want brands
to boost positivity.3

Action: Try to share positive stories, like how you’re supporting your employees or ways you’re helping your community.

What they’re doing:

Americans are relying on the internet to stay connected.


say it’s important or essential.4


year over year jump in downloads of video conferencing apps.5


But not everything is digital.


of people are still visiting stores for essentials.6


are trying to shop more at locally owned stores.7


Action: Prioritize a digital strategy for your business, but don’t forget to reach out to customers in person.

How they’re spending:

Economic uncertainty means American consumers are worried about money.


9 in 10

Americans are stressed about money.8

2 in 5

are reducing expenses.9

Action: Because your customers may be more likely to shop discount offerings, consider promotional sales or coupons.

They may make long-term changes:

COVID-19 is causing Americans to rethink how they work and live their lives.


of urbanites are thinking of leaving the city.10


of people want the option to keep working remotely.11


of people plan to use their cars more, having grown wary of public transport.12

Action: If your business is in a city and has previously relied on foot traffic, now is the time to think about how your business can adapt and become more digital.

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